I will be speaking at Collabsphere 2021: "How to make a hackathon-winner HCL Domino Volt application"

In October I will be speaking at CollabSphere 2021 event, where I will explain the technical details of the HCL Domino Volt application with which I had the honor to be one of the winners of the HCL Domino Volt Hackathon, at “Digital Week 2020“.

CollabSphere is organized by the Midwest Lotus User Group. With the high number of sessions and the size of sponsors, it is one of the most recognized events worldwide for users of HCL collaboration products. Historically it has been hosted since 2009 on US cities, but due to the pandemic, in 2020 it was organized as a global virtual event.

In 2021 it will also be online. It is an opportunity to attend sessions presented by HCL’s own executives and technicians where we can check brand new features in all associated products as well as HCL’s global strategy.

Obtain JSON Data from Domino 12 with DQL (an easy way) The HCL Notes Workspace modernization behind Domino 12


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