2024, HCL Ambassador and speaking at Engage

I don’t know if will be good, bad or ugly, but I’m sure that this year will be a busy one.

I am proud to have been selected as an HCL Ambassador for the second year in a row. It is a great feeling to be involved with a group of passionate and highly talented individuals who are also very friendly and open. The HCL Ambassador drinks was one of my best moments of last year’s engage. Also, I’m the only spanish Ambassador, so it’s great to add Spain to the list of countries that have presence on this group.

I'll be HCL Ambassador for 2024

By the way, I will be speaking at the 2024 Engage conference once again! This year, I will introduce the Domain Driven Design methodology, which is commonly adopted by large enterprises and startups alike. I will adapt it to LotusScript while staying as close to the methodology as the language permits.

I will speak at Engage!

Not too long ago, I never thought I would be an ambassador or speak at a high-level technical event in a language other than Spanish. This reflection prompts me to acknowledge my growth, both professionally and personally. Moving forward, I will maintain the same energy and enthusiasm on this year!

Engage 2024. Thanks Theo. Welcome Kris & Tom HCL Domino LEAP is not HCL Domino Volt anymore and it is even better


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