HCL Domino LEAP is not HCL Domino Volt anymore and it is even better

The “HCl Domino Volt“ brand passed away. Maybe to avoid the confsion with the new and fancy Volt Mx product, HCL had decided to rebranded to “HCL Domino Leap“. And it still getting more and more functionality. That point makes the product more “complete” and enlarge the number of use cases that you can resolve with HCL Domino Leap.

At the beginning, HCL Domino Volt was a “NoCode” development product too focused (or limited) on data entry for not-too-complex applications. This meant that there were very few use cases that Volt was suited to. While it had a unique simplicity in creating responsive web forms, was a fact that the product lacked in data presentation options.

It gradually improved and also increase in the integration options with our Domino applications. Not only from REST applications, but we would also have direct access to the data included in our Domino applications with the UniversalID or across a traditional Notes view.

With the datagrid, the astonishing visual workflow and the integration capabilities, we can assure that the product is mature enough to cope with the majority of use cases that are required of a simple application.

Domino LEAP Workflow

Last November 17th the name change was made official. The product would be renamed “HCL Domino Leap“ and, a few months later, with the arrival of version 1.1.2, we have available the Custom Widgets, making mi petición in the HCL Ideas forum come true.

With this new functionality, we can create through a Javascript API customized and redistributable widgets between our Leap applications. To do this, we will use the classic DOM manipulation to create HTML elements such as divs, inputs, h1, … and also associate them with a behavior and the ability to calculate their return value.

It may not be a “NoCode” feature, but javascript proficient developers can create these widgets to be used by citizen users in drag and drop mode and have them available in all Leap applications.

Custom Widgets ready to be used

HCL Domino Leap is no longer that product too focused on data entry with very limited use cases. The additions in the latest versions give it the ability to present and filter data, connection to external systems, visual workflow editor and the possibility to create custom widgets. Increasingly, HCL Domino Leap can be considered as a tool to make many types of web applications quickly. In addition, it can be assured that within the HCL catalog, it is one of the fastest growing. Let’s hope that it continues this progression and, soon, it will be considered a reference within the “NoCode“ application development sector.

2024, HCL Ambassador and speaking at Engage REST in Domino with Lotusscript and Agents: a little enhacement


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