Dominique Perarnaud, a new HCL Ambassador from Spain

In 2021 we will see a new HCL Ambassador from Spain. It’s about Dominique Perarnaud, and I’m lucky enough to work with him on my day-to-day at Data101.

The HCL Ambassadors program (inherited from “IBM Champions”) is about the selection by HCL’s own recruiters of a group of users, clients or partners who meet certain technical or informative requirements and spread and provide great value to the community.

Each calendar year, the nomination process begins in November, where anyone can submit their nominations. The HCL team collects the actions of all the nominees and finally, in December, they choose the people who will be part of the program for the following year.

In 2021, in Spain we will have a new HCL Ambassador, Dominique Perarnaud. French by birth but living and working from Donostia, he has been selected to be part of this program for the current year.
Personally, it is an honor to work alongside him at Data101. From my point of view I can only confirm that in this case HCL has made an excellent choice.

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