Engage 2020: Hidden treasures

The variety of sessions available in the Engage, together with the fact that there are several tracks in parallel, mean that, in the best of cases, you attend 20% of the total content available. Sometimes it is difficult to choose which one to attend (and which to not going to). Sometimes you lean towards the content, other times because of the speaker, … It is quite common that two (or more )interesting ones overlap or maybe you have a meeting with a BP and you cannot attend that session that you would like … From this blog, only I can congratulate the event organizer and speakers on the overall quality.

There are sessions that attracts your attention as they are official announcements of HCL. Others do it for being reputed HCL Masters that cover an interesting or brand new topic. But if you dig into the program, you may find sessions that won’t draw much attention at first glance, but then find that they could be very valuable to you.

Here are two sessions that are, in my opinion, hidden treasures within Engage 2020:

“Paired with an Idiot”, by Devin Olson

Assigned to a small room, this is the typical session that young people like me deferred to enjoy and internalize, since it is the typical session of someone who has spent many years managing projects, dealing with clients and who has seen the best (and worst) times of our beloved platform. And he dares to tell it. And also, he’s fun and he’s going to entertaint you.

Perhaps technically speaking the assistants did not learn much, but we were able to enjoy the recommendations and “good practices” that Devin transmitted to us disguised as “anecdotes” and true experiences. After intense sessions of technical content, this session went really well.

Thanks, Devin.

“LotusScript to TypeScript With VS Code” by Jason Roy Gary and Michael Alexander

People who have been to a Jason Roy Gary session know what I mean. Jason has the ways of the typical stand-up comedian and also Michael, his presentation partner, made him a very good game.
Before go to the mian topic of the session, he made a very interesting retrospective of Lotusscript (not without some criticism).
The idea of a Lotusscript to Typescript transpiler is a very good option to accelerate the modernization of applications and their transition to a modern and optimal language for use in work teams.
It seemed to me one of the best ideas and news of Engage 2020.

There were some sessions that I did not attend and on the paper had some interest. Later I checked by asking some attendees and indeed, they were of interest:

The Engage is the largest event in Europe not only because of the number of attendees but the good organization and quality of its sessions and also the increasing diversity of them.

HCL Nomad: Notes Client in Smatphones and Tablets Engage 2020


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